Airfield Status

Booker Gliding Club is within the Buckinghamshire Tier 4 area and we are not currently operating. This booking site is open for bookings until March 2021 and availability will be extended through 2021, as they usually are, when our summer schedule has been planned. On line activities, and Zoom briefings, still continue for club members. We will be extending the end dates for most trial lessons and courses that have been affected by lockdown.

Bookings for Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until March 2021 are be available, and you may pre-book if you have a valid ticket, if we are still in Covid Lockdown when your booking is due then you will be able to re-book. Our office is not staffed but we will still respond to emails within a few days.

Our Duo Discus training glider

If visiting for a flight with us you can check here for an indication of our flying status. We usually update before 09:30 each morning, so check after then if you can, and again in the evening. Any information provided before the day of flight is indicative and may change on the day.

Trial lesson briefing

Please ensure you are viewing data that corresponds to the date of your flight. If you can see ahead that the weather is bad you can contact us and we may be able to fly you beforehand subject to capacity.

Airfield status for – January 2021

Summary – Some bookings cancelled - see below

Additional information – We are in a Covid Tier 4 area and currently are not able to carry out training or trial lessons.

Airfield status for –

Summary – Open and flying normally

Additional information –

We want our visitors to have a great gliding experience, but sometimes the British weather does not co-operate. Below you will find more information about the weather. We will always fly if we can, but we hope that by seeing the status updates provided above you may avoid a wasted journey in bad weather.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a cancellation due to bad weather please re-book your flight for another date. You do not need to cancel your booking.

Local weather forecast for the next couple of days.

What weather stops us from gliding. There are some weather conditions that are unsuitable for gliding. Gliders do not fly in mist, fog, bad visibility, low cloud, strong or gusty wind or persistent rain. It is usually possible to fly if the wind is below 15MPH. We can usually fly in between showers, and when poor conditions improve. Our airfield is in an area of relatively high ground and we may have slightly different weather compared to other local areas, particularly in winter.
UK weather forecasts improve all the time, however, they are still wrong sometimes!

BBC Weather Forecast for Booker (click to open BBC forecast webpage and view the week ahead).